Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology. Book 1

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Автор: Hillier V.A.W.

Название: Hillier's Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology. Book 1

Издательство: Nelson Thornes, Calex UK Ltd

Год: 2012

Страниц: 625

Формат: pdf

Размер: 215

Язык: английский

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The new edition of Hillier’s has been updated and undergone a full-colour revision featuring new photos and illustrations to engage those keen to learn the fundamentals of MVT and enhance their understanding of the core concepts whilst keeping the straightforward approach that is much admired in this authoritative manual.




Vehicle evolution, layout and structure

Vehicle evolution

Vehicle layout

Vehicle structure

Vehicle efi ciency and dynamics

Vehicle maintenance

Engines and engine technology

The internal-combustion engine

The working principles of the four-stroke and two-stroke engine

Torque and power

Single- and multi-cylinder engines


Connecting rods

Pistons, piston rings and gudgeon pins

Intake, exhaust valves and valve-operating gear

Valve-operating mechanisms

Intake manifolds

Air cleaners and i lters

Exhaust systems, silencers and catalytic converters

Engine lubricants

The engine-lubrication system

The engine-cooling system

Supercharging and turbocharging (forced induction)

Petrol four-stroke cycle in detail

Combustion and combustion chambers

Requirements of the fuel-delivery system

The fuel-supply system

Electronic petrol injection – multi-point

Electronic petrol injection – single point

Mechanical petrol-injection system

The simple carburettor

Constant-choke carburettors

Variable choke – constant-depression carburettors

Ignition systems

Engine management

Vehicle emissions

The diesel four-stroke cycle in detail

Diesel engine combustion chambers

Main components of the diesel engine

Mechanical aspects of the diesel fuel system

Electronic diesel fuel system

Engines – routine maintenance

Petrol fuel system – routine maintenance

Ignition systems – routine maintenance

Diesel engine – routine maintenance

Transmission systems

The gearbox and gear ratios

Different types of gears and gearboxes

Drive coni guration

Rear-wheel drive layout

Front-wheel drive layout

Four-wheel drive layout

The single-plate clutch

The multi-plate clutch

The sliding-mesh gearbox

Constant-mesh and synchromesh gearboxes

Rear, front and four-wheel drive gearboxes

Automatic gearbox (gear system and l uid coupling)

Automatic gearbox (operation)

Electronically controlled automatic gearbox

Dual clutch transmission systems

Electronic gear shift transmission systems

Continuously variable transmission systems

Overdrive systems

Propeller shafts and drive shafts

Universal and CV joints

Final-drive gears

The differential

Rear axle construction

Four-wheel drive systems

Clutch – routine maintenance

Manual and automatic gearbox – routine maintenance

Prop shaft and drive shaft – routine maintenance

Clutch – fault diagnosis

Manual gearbox – fault diagnosis

Automatic gearbox – fault diagnosis

Chassis systems


Directional control and stability

Camber, caster and swivel-axis inclination

Steering components

Power-assisted steering

Rear-wheel and four-wheel steering

Steering systems and wheel alignment – routine maintenance

Elements of suspension systems

Requirements of a spring

Types of spring

The damper

Rigid axle suspension

Independent front suspension

Independent rear suspension

Suspension – routine maintenance and diagnosis



Wheel balancing

Wheel and tyre – routine maintenance and diagnosis

Braking principles

Main types of brake system

Brake operating systems

Brake arrangements

Hydraulic operating systems

Servo operation

Anti-lock braking systems

Electronic handbrake system

Brake – routine maintenance

Vehicle electric, safety and comfort systems


Basic principles of electricity

Electrical circuits and calculations

The battery

The charging system

The starter system

Lighting systems

Auxiliary lighting and equipment

Electrical systems – routine maintenance

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Air conditioning

Climate control system

Heating and ventilation – routine maintenance

Passenger safety and restraint systems



Plain bearings

Ball and roller bearings

New vehicle technology and alternative fuels

Introduction to electric, hybrid and alternative fuels

Liquid petroleum gas




ehicle park assist

Lane departure warning system

Blind spot information system (BLIS)

Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

Navigation system



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