Steam and Stirling: Engines You Can Build

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Название: Steam and Stirling: Engines You Can Build


Издательство: Willade Press

Год: 2000

Страниц: 169

ISBN: 0-914104-06-3

Формат: PDF

Размер: 68 Mб

Язык: английский

At no time in history has participation in metal-working as a hobby grown as fast in America as it has in the past fifteen years. It is a safe assumption that as many metal-turning lathes have been purchased in the past five years for home workshops as were in such use prior to that time. Because of that growth, the need for "how-to" information has increased and Steam and Stirling-Engines You Can Build provides some of those details.

During this fifteen-year period, LIVE STEAM Magazine has been providing Amateur Machinists with projects of varying degrees of complexity but, as The Hobby grew and The Magazine's circulation increased, most of the earlier copies were no longer available. To close this information gap, several of those out-of-print projects are included in this volume so that the many newcomers to the Live Steam Hobby can have available the instruction and design information that they need.

Knowing that only time will produce a home workshop scrap bin filled with the little odds and ends of materials needed to build these engines, arrangements have been made to have all the materials required for the projects in this book to be supplied in kit form. In this way, all those newly-purchased lathes (and many of the existing ones that are being dusted off and put back into use) can be put to work by their owners to make more than a few elementary metal turnings and some experimental threaded rods!

So here is the beginning ... the thrill of building something that actually works is yours by just following the directions. If you are a complete novice in this field, pick one of the simpler projects for your first attempt and gradually work your way through the others as your skill and abilities (and confidence) increase.

The Hobby is enjoyed by persons in all walks of life and we are sure that you will find many pleasurable hours in your workshop with the projects in this book.

William C. Fitt


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