Opto-Mechanical Systems Design, Vol. 1

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Название: Opto-Mechanical Systems Design, Vol. 1

Автор: Paul Yoder, Daniel Vukobratovich

Издательство: CRC Press

Год: 2015

Страниц: 771

ISBN: 148225770X, 9781482257700

Формат: PDF

Размер: 77 Мб

Язык: English

Opto-Mechanical Systems Design, Fourth Edition is different in many ways from its three earlier editions: coauthor Daniel Vukobratovich has brought his broad expertise in materials, opto-mechanical design, analysis of optical instruments, large mirrors, and structures to bear throughout the book; Jan Nijenhuis has contributed a comprehensive new chapter on kinematics and applications of flexures; and several other experts in special aspects of opto-mechanics have contributed portions of other chapters.

An expanded feature—a total of 110 worked-out design examples—has been added to several chapters to show how the theory, equations, and analytical methods can be applied by the reader. Finally, the extended text, new illustrations, new tables of data, and new references have warranted publication of this work in the form of two separate but closely entwined volumes.

This first volume, Design and Analysis of Opto-Mechanical Assemblies, addresses topics pertaining primarily to optics smaller than 50 cm aperture. It summarizes the opto-mechanical design process, considers pertinent environmental influences, lists and updates key parameters for materials, illustrates numerous ways for mounting individual and multiple lenses, shows typical ways to design and mount windows and similar components, details designs for many types of prisms and techniques for mounting them, suggests designs and mounting techniques for small mirrors, explains the benefits of kinematic design and uses of flexures, describes how to analyze various types of opto-mechanical interfaces, demonstrates how the strength of glass can be determined and how to estimate stress generated in optics, and explains how changing temperature affects opto-mechanical assemblies.


Preface to the Fourth Edition (2015) ix

Preface to the Third Edition (2006) xi

Preface to the Second Edition (1993) xv

Preface to the First Edition (1986) xvii

Editors xix

Contributors xxi

1. Opto-Mechanical Design Process 1

Paul R. Yoder, Jr., David M. Stubbs, Kevin A. Sawyer, and David Aikens

2. Environmental Influences 47

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

3. Opto-Mechanical Characteristics of Materials 95

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

4. Mounting Individual Lenses 187

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

5. Mounting Multiple Lens Assemblies 259

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

6. Design and Mounting of Windows, Domes, and Filters 347

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

7. Prism Design and Applications 387

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

8. Techniques for Mounting Prisms 449

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

9. Design and Mounting of Small Mirrors 483

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

10. Kinematic Design and Applications of Flexures 541

Jan Nijenhuis

11. Analysis of the Opto-Mechanical Design Interface 613

Paul R. Yoder, Jr.

Appendix A: Summary of Methods for Testing Optical Components and Optical Instruments under Adverse Environmental Conditions 709

Glossary 715

Units and Conversions 727



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