Horses in Australia: An Illustrated History

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Автор: Nicolas Brasch

Название: Horses in Australia: An Illustrated History

Издательство: University of New South Wales Press

Год: 2014

Страниц: 256

Формат: PDF

Язык : English

Размер: 64 Мб

Качество: Хорошее

The horse has been an integral part of Australian history since the First Fleet brought the first horse to the country’s shores. From the resilient workhorses of colonial Australia and the determined stockhorses rounding up livestock, to the champion racehorses that capture the country’s imagination at every Melbourne Cup, horses have contributed to many of the great human feats in our history. Here, alongside 150 stunning images, Nicolas Brasch explores why horses have long been appreciated by Australians from all walks of life—and how they have been captured so strikingly by our photographers and artists.


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