All About History Annual Volume 2

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Автор: Aaron Asadi (Publishing Director)

Название: All About History Annual Volume 2

Издательство: Imagine Publishing

Год: 2015

Формат: True PDF

Размер: 58.1 Mb

Язык: Английский

From ancient history, through the middle ages, right up to history of the 20th century, there’s just too much to choose from for this edition of the year’s best All About History content. You’ll delve into tales of shrewd Viking raiders and George Washington’s struggle to legendary status. Be inspired by those who were a force for change, from Nelson Mandela to the codebreakers of Bletchley Park, and see behind the public personas of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe to understand the fickle nature of fame and fortune. Prepare to explore history’s greatest moments and meet its most incredible characters.


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