To Be a U.S. Air Force Pilot

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Автор: Henry Holden

Название: To Be a U.S. Air Force Pilot

Издательство: Zenith Press

Год: 2010

Формат: pdf

Язык: английский

Размер: 129 Мб

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To Be A U.S. Air Force Pilot details every step of training for those with the skill and daring to "cross into the blue" as an elite U.S. Air Force pilot. The book traces the growth of aspiring young recruits, starting with grueling physical and mental tests, early flight training on high-tech flight simulators, moving onward and upward until they are finally ready to push the outer envelope to Mach II in state-of-the-art fighter aircraft. Thanks to the highly motivated, highly skilled, and dedicated men and women of the United States Air Force, America enters the uncertain landscape of the 21st century with the most powerful, swift, and flexible military force the world has ever seen.


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