Buddhism in its connexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism

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Автор:Sir Monier Monier-Williams/ Сэр Монье Монье-Вильямс

Название:Buddhism in its connexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism and in its contrast with Christianity

Издательство:London:John Murray,Albemarle Street



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Один из первых востоковедов сер Монье Монье-Вильямс (1819-1899) описывает

буддизм,его происхождение и взаимосвязь с индуизмом,а также различия с христианством.



Introductory observations -- The Buddha as a personal teacher -- The Dharma or Law and scriptures of Buddhism -- The Sangha or Buddhist order of monks -- The philosophical doctrines of Buddhism -- The morality of Buddhism and its chief aim - Arhatship or Nirvana -- Changes in Buddhism and its disappearance from India -- Rise of theistic and polytheistic Buddhism -- Theistic and polytheistic Buddhism -- Mystical Buddhism in its connexion with the yoga philosophy -- Hierarchichal Buddhism, especially as developed in Tibet and Mongolia -- Ceremonial and ritualistic Buddhism -- Festivals, domestic rites, and formularies of prayers -- Sacred places -- Monasteries and temples -- Images and idols -- Sacred objects -- Buddhism contrasted with Christianity



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