Журнал: Elektor Electronics №03 (March) UK, [2008, PDF, Eng]

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Table of Contents Elektor March 2008

* Mailbox March 2008

* Get stuck into embedded Linux

* Ethernut and the Kipp Family...

or how to build a business with Open Source products

* Plastics Replace Silicon

‘Smart plastics’: the future of electronics?

* Data Logger “deLuxe”

The efficiency of simplicity

* The Secrets of I2C

An I2C bus analyser to let you satisfy your curiosity

* Cylon Voice

Robotalk from an ATtiny microcontroller

* Real-time Computing

How does a real-time operating system (RTOS) work?

* From C to Hardware

Using FPGAs and compilers

* ‘LAOS’ for ARMee

A mini operating system for the Elektor ARMee board

* DIY LED Projector

DLP projector with power LEDs


Cheap, DIY and with CAN!

* Elektor Volume 2007 CD-ROM

* Pimp your Shoes

Trendy shoe adornment

* Atmel AVR32 Gateway


* Hexadoku March 2008

Puzzle with an electronics touch

* Swap button cell for a GoldCap

Design Tip

* XOR frequency multiplier

Design Tip

* The Dekatron decimal counter valve


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