Пернатые хищники и их охрана / Raptors Conservation №27

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Название: Пернатые хищники и их охрана / Raptors Conservation

Издатель: Новосибирск, Сибирский экологический центр

Год: 2013

Номер: 27

Язык: Русский - English

Формат: pdf (оригинал)

Страниц: 282

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Пернатые хищники и их охрана / Raptors Conservation №27

Рабочий бюллетень о пернатых хищниках Восточной Европы и Северной Азии.

The Newsletter of the raptors of the East Europe and North Asia

Pernatye khishniki i ikh okhrana / Raptors Conservation is the unique peer-reviewed periodical journal in the countries of the former USSR, publishing papers, concerning the research and conservation of the birds of prey and owls. mirknig.com

The Journal is being supported and developed by the initiative group, united in the editorial board on the base of the Siberian Environmental Center, the largest organization of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network.

Edition of the Journal is being funded by charitable donations of all interested Russian and foreign people. Authors of the Journal are the leading scientists of Russia, countries of the former USSR and East Asia as well as other countries, who study and protect the birds of prey and owls, employees of the environmental authorities, falcon centers, captive breeding centers for the birds of prey and zoos, birdwatchers.



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