Elektor Electronics - Elektor CD 2004

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Год: 2004


Жанр: Радиотехника

Издательство: http://www.elektor.com

ISBN: 978-90-5381-184-9

Серия: Elektor

Язык: английский/немецкий/французский/голландский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Размер: 254,87 Mb

Популярный журнал по электронике. Почти оригинальный CD за 2004 год на четырёх языках.

“ Все статьи в изначальном .PDF-формате, с навигацией через HTML-оболочку.

Устанавливать не обязательно, запуск через одну из языковых HTML: START_(xx).htm

CD - ELEKTOR ' 2004

Полностью электронная версия журнала ELEKTOR. Все статьи журнала за 2004г на CD-Rom.

(за исключением новостей и рекламных рубрик).

The all-electronic version of Elektor Electronics

All articles in Volume 2004 on CD-ROM (except News & New Products items)



Climate Logger – recording temperature and humidity

FMS Flight Simulator Encoder – practice without crashing your models

RIAA Preamp with FETs – SRPP equaliser for moving magnet (MM) cartridges

Multi-event Alarm Clock – in control of many daily events

HV9901 – a novel LED driver

OTL Headphone Amplifier with ECC82 (12AU7) – an ‘iron-free’ valve amplifier

Burglar Alarm – with individual sensor signalling

Relaxation Machine – a servo-powered pendulum

LED Roulette – using LEDs instead of a ball

The Sense Resistor in step-up converters

64-K 80C552 Flash Board – inexpensive, multifunctional and in-circuit...

Analogue Filter Design

RC: Directional Microphone

RC: Flawed Mini Project

Corr: Rev Counter for R/C Models

Corr: Electric Charge Meter

Corr: Directional Microphone

Corr: USB-RS232 Interface

Corr: Supercap battery


Hands-on CPLDs (1): Experimental rev counter

Digital Alarm Clock – based on a PIC micro

DIY RF Inductors – the ABCs of inductors

Simple 12-to-230V Power Inverter – a mobile power outlet

Foil Capacitor Polarity – which terminal of a foil capacitor acts as the screen?

Touch-controlled Switch – with a PIC

Parallel Port Mains Switching Interface

Corr: Digital Logic Command

Corr: PICProg 2003 FAQ

iAccess – an intelligent access control system

CoolRunner-II – Xilinx CPLD Development Kit

Electronic Valentine Heart – LEDs are red my dear...

Remote Control for your PC – with a home-made infra-red receiver


Build Your Own DRM Receiver – a digital radio for 500 kHz to 22 MHz

Multifunction Frequency Meter – for all time-related measurements

Hands-on CPLDs (2): Altera 7000S hardware

Multi-channel Failsafe for Radio Controlled Models – happy landings!

AVR450 Battery Charger – multi-standard battery charging

Data Storage on CompactFlash (CF) Cards – using BASCOM AVR

Voltage & Continuity Tester – for direct and alternating voltages up to 60 V

Code Lock – using a rotary encoder

Wind Power – wise move or waste of time?

Blackfin DSP Development Kit – messing about with DSPa

500 Links on Microcontrollers – datasheets and applications


High-End-Preamp (1)

VHF-Low Explorer – a low-cost NBFM receiver for 68-88 MHz

Project c+ – data comms beyond light speed

DREAM Team – Software DRM receiver

Repairing the damage caused by laeking batteries

Through-hole ‘plating’ double-sided PCBs

Alternatives for battery-backed RAM

Temperature switches in SOT packages

2 Transistors, 1 Crystal – that's it! – poor man's DRM is here

Wavecatcher – aerials and preselectors for AM and DRM

Pandora's Sound & Music Box – recycle an old CD-ROM drive for ...

Of Mice and Light – increased accuracy without mechanics

Low-Power LED Flash – powered by lemon juice

Drop-in Microcontroller Board – an 80C32 jack-of-all-trades

Audio Power Amps on the Internet

DSPs at 1 GHz – top performance from 90-nm technology

MB: 64-k 80C552 Flash Board

MB: Long(ish) wire

MB: CoolRunner-II – not so cool

MB: Where to start?

MB: Mirror mirror on the wall

MB: Alarm! Clock deviation!

MB: Self-discharging NiMH batteries


MB: Economic forces


Design Your Own IC (1): prototyping with CPLDs

High-End-Preamp (2)

Wind Speed & Direction Meter with a clever touch

First Steps – everything you need to know to drive a stepper motor

Project c+ Solved

Up, up and away

FlexiPanel IR – infrared glue for micros and PDAs

Sensors Go Systematic – more physical quantities, more integrated electr...

Sensors for Humans – sensor technology at MIT

Rsounding Truth – an acoustic lie detector

Combi-gate Oscillator IC

Global Power Supply – with continuously variable output voltage

Self-tapping screws

Pressing matters with flatcable connectors

Software? We'll do that ourselves! – Three examples explained

Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring

MB: iAccess – accessible to anyone?

MB: Sound Generation using VB

MB: 89C equivalent, please

MB: Evergreen oscillates

MB: Tension rising!

MB: Those Elektor drawings

Corr: FMS Flight Simulator Encoder

Corr: LED Roulette

Corr: Seconds and Minutes Clocks from DCF77

Corr: Stepper Motors Uncovered (2)

Corr: Lambda Probe Readout for Carburettor Tuning


Multi Programmer – one size fits all

That's class... Audio amplifiers from A to T

ClariTy 2x300W Class-T amplifier (1)

Design Your Own IC (2): CPLDs in practice

Smooth Operator for model railway turnouts ans semaphores

Ten years after – DAB in Europe

Pocket Pong – a primeval game cast in a modern hardware

FreePICProg – cheap 'n easy PIC programming

Analog University – attend National Semiconductor lectures

Precision Function Generator – MAX038 goes SMD

Personal Sound to Light Unit – small but sophisticated

Digital Motors – intelligent drive for servos

Rail Router – model train routing with a PC

Programming with Word – write Visual Basic programs using MS Word

MB: New Layout (1)

MB: New Layout (2)

MB: New Layout (3)

MB: New Layout (4)

MB: New Layout (5)

MB: New Layout (6)

MB: New Layout (7)

MB: Project c+ (1)

MB: Project c+ (2)

MB: Project c+ (3)

MB: Your projects, my projects

MB: Stealing current

MB: Contact those CPLDs

MB: Exotic opamp

Corr: MIDI Lights & Slide Control


Micro Webserver – control and regulation via the Internet

TV Commercials Killer – pause recording during ad breakes

Measurement and control via the Internet – using our Micro Webserver

Airflow Monitor

Zero Gain Mod for Non-Inverting Opamps

Simple Darkness Activated Alarm

CMOS Crystal Frequency Multiplier

Doorbell Cascade

Switchless NiCD/NiMH Charger

SMPSU with a Relay

100 V Regulators

Stepper Motor Generator

Intelligent Flickering Light

The Eternal 555

Reset IC with Selectable Voltages

Monitor Life Xtender

3.3 V or 5 V Direct from the mains

Lifespan of Li-Ion Batteries

Linear RF Power Meter

Adjustable Zener Diode

Reset Sequencer

Gated Alarm

Long-Interval Pulse Generator

Irregular Flasher

White LED Lamp

Reset from Multiple Power Supplies

LED Light Pen

Storage Battery Exerciser

Triple Power Supply

Save Energy

Pseudo Track Occupancy Detector

Simple NiCD Charger

Voltage Levels Control Relays

Luxury Car Interior Light

Whistling Kettle

Programmable-Gain Amplifier

SSB Add-On for AM Receivers

Simple Infrared Control Extender

You Have Mail!

Digital Isolation up to 100 Mbit/s

One Component Oscillator for 1 to 10 MHz

Power Flip-Flop Using a Triac

Buck/Boost Voltage Converter

Mains Voltage Monitor

Blinker Indicator

UV Torch Light

Motor Turn/Stall Detector

Servo Tester using a 4538

Solar-Powered High Efficiency Charger

USB Converter Controlled via HTML

Steam Whistle

Single-Chip VHF RF Preamp

Codec Complete

Mains Failure Alarm

Push Off / Push On

Meter Adapter with Symmetrical Input

Relay Coil Energy Saver

Shortwave Monitor

Two-LED Voltage Indicator

Bluish Flasher

Very Low Power 32-kHz-Oscillator

Master/Slave switch

Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) Receiver

Inductorless 3-to-5 Volts Converter

Stable Zener Reference

PWM Modulator

Xilinx JTAG Interface

Acoustic Sensor


Home Network for ADSL

Light Sensor Technology measuring daylight using LEDs

IR Servo Motor Interface for RCX – Lego RCX-compatible infrared remote...

R/C Analyser – a digital tachograph for R/C model cars

Canon EOS Cameras go Wireless – using 433-MHz SRD modules

MAX6954 Display Driver – a driver for 14/16 segment displays

Battery Polarity Protection – look, no diodes, no relays!

Working with ActiveX – ActiveX component for the USB analogue converter

Electronic Switch for Modellers – electronics instead of mechanics

MB: Project c+ (4)

MB: DIY Through-Hole Plating

MB: Serial DLL

MB: Can I build this?

MB: Display advice

Tomi Engdahl – the man behind epanorama.net


Trends in microcontrollers – an abundance of choice

Microcontroller Buyers Guide – a dazzling choice of devices...

Swiss Army Knife – Tiny BASIC, 8051 assembler, RS232 and USB all in one...

Rolling Dice – three-dimensional electronics

Bike Tail Light with Standlight – be seen even at stndstill!

Bluetooth Remote Control – from your PDA or mobile phone

Proteus VSM – also simulates microcontrollers!

USB Embedded Host Controller

Bogus Electronic Parts – beware of fakes!

ClariTy 2x300W Class-T amplifier (2): building the amplifier board

MB: Andy's Quest

MB: Railrouter project software

MB: C for AVR Micros

MB: Out of Step

MB: Clarity Class-T Amp

MB: Fishing for Chips

MB: PA300 Amplifier

MB: USB-to Analogue Converter

MB: High-End Preamplifier

MB: Simple 12-to-230V Power Inverter

Corr: Build Your Own DRM receiver

Corr: First Steps

Corr: Personal Sound to Light Unit

Corr: DDS RF Signal Generator

Quizz-away (september)


MB: Impossible PCB designs

MB: Message from Canada

MB: Hard to find

MB: Multiprogrammer on USB

MB: DIY moving-coil scales

MB: Symmetrical mod for preamp

MB: MC input on Valve Preamp

MB: Well done guys

MB: Image tracking

Corr: Canon EOS Cameras go Wireless

Corr: Atmel Programmer

Scope for 'Scopes – 22 oscilloscopes tested

Virtual Soldering – LabView: Programming for electronics engineers

ProfiLab-Expert – applications for PC data acquisition cards

Poor Man's 1-GHz Active Probe – DIY saves a pretty penny

Soundcard as Test Instrument – perfect for audio frequency measurements!

Air Quality Sensor – new CO2 sensors for air quality monitoring

ClariTy 2x300W Class-T amplifier (3): power supply, assembly and alignment

Slave Flash for Digital Cameras – don't throw away your old flashlight!

Goodbye '16, Welcome PIC18F – meet the PIC18F series (1)

Four in a Row – play against each other or against the micro!

USB Memory Stick – an ideal memory device

One-component Metal Detector

Ultra low-profile IC socket

Line-2-mic for notebook

RF Control Interface – parallel interface for remote appliance switching

Quizz' away (october)


MB: Message from Australia

MB: Missed opportunity or future project?

MB: Polyswitch

MB: Item Tracer in trouble

MB: Reading AT micros

MB: IDE disk on USB

MB: NiCD batteries – environment vs. Quick profits

MB: Radio articles resource on the web

MB: I-see adapters

ABC of rechargable Batteries – basics, pitfalls & recommendations

Vehicle Battery Jogger – keep your battery fresh and young

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries – SLAs still going strong

Bring out your Dead – solutions to electronic waste

PICXEX18 and PicWin8 – Operating System and Monitor for PIC...

Goodbye '16, Welcome PIC18F (2): ROM (program memory) and ...

Equations, equations – calculate and convert

USB-CyberClocks – for low-noise VCOs & PLLs

Noise Suppression Filters – for ClariTy and other final amps

Thermoelements – easy processing with the MAX6675

Automatic Preselector for our DRM receiver

Room Thermometer

Bistable Relay Driver

Ear Boggle – experience an auditory illusion

Ready, Steady, Fatty – Body Fat Monitor Scales

Battery Charging on USB

30-mA LED Dimmer

Quizz-away (november)


MB: Message from South Africa

MB: Connector parts

MB: Probing around

MB: Happy Birthday

MB: Flash Micro Board vs. Fast PC

MB: Lost & Found

Diagnostics and Development Tools for SMBus and I2C

Process Interface for Electrical Drives

On the buses – last station still far off

Back to the future – home electronics from the (recent) past

High Voltage Amplifier

Attitude Sensor

Negative Auxiliary Voltage

Direction-Sensitive Light Barrier

Dimmer with a MOSFET

Discrete Robot

Car Central-Locking System


5 volts from the Mains

I2C and SMBus

Unusual LED Blinker

On/Off Button

NiMH Charger for up to six Cells

On-Train Radio Camera

Universal Mains Filter

Flickering Light II

IIR Tool

Simple Audio Peak Detector

Thrifty 2-Hz Clock

Voltage Monitor

On-line Conversions

IR Multi-Position Switch

LM4906 Boomer® Audio Power Amp

Model Railway Short-Circuit Beeper

Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs)

Low-Drop Constant Current Source


Modern SMD Packages

Stable Filament Supply

IR Transmitter with HT12E

USB/I2C interface – I-square-C rules

I2C-homebus – switch power outlets with your PC

Heathkit TC-2P – Tube Checker

Continuous Flow Soldering

Voltage regulator calculation

Power Supply for USB Devices

LED Christmas Tree – plus additional seasonal circuits...

Quizz-away (december)



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