Elektor Electronics №06 2008 UK

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Год выпуска: 2008

Жанр: Радиотехника

Издательство: www.elektor.com

Формат: PDF

Качество: Оригинал

Язык: English

Количество страниц: 88

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Описание: June 2008

Table of Contents Elektor June 2008[/i]

* Mailbox June 2008

* Score: 7.5

A comparative test of nine sound cards

* SAPS-400

Powerful switching audio supply

* Profiler Update

Experience, tips and helpful hints

* Cool power

Switch Mode Power Supplies: an introduction

* USB-to-TTL Serial Cable

A new item in the Elektor shop

* Other uses for EIR

Much more than just a radio: a powerful development card for ARM7

* Elektor/Intel unplugged: results revealed

Elektor readers rise to the Intel Challenge

* Air Power, Sound and Heat

Winning themes of our Notebook competition

* Thermo-Snake

a 128-channel USB’ed datalogger for a 1-wire thermal monitoring network

* Mains Adapters

Labtalk: the case of the treacherous LED…

* An RLC Meter for under £ 2.00

impedance measurement using a sound card

* Invisible Commands

ATmega88 decodes infrared control commands

* LED Tester

Check and compare intensity

* Hexadoku June 2008

Puzzle with an electronics touch

* Neuwirth FUP1D PMR test unit (1973)


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