What’s New in Process Technology - Septrember 2014

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Название:What’s New in Process Technology -

Год / месяц: Septrember 2014

Номер: vol 28 No 4

Формат: pdf

Страниц: 36


Размер:36 Mb

A ‘must-read’ information source with a strong new product focus, for major purchasing influences in plants, factories, sites and mines throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets for over 25 years. Covering the latest in process control and automation technology, What’s New is the only magazine in this market to offer two-country audited circulation. Regular editorial features include: Instrumentation, Industrial Ethernet, Motors & Drives, Control Systems, Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Sensors & Transducers, Gases & Fluids, Motion Control and Industrial Wireless.



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