Valmiki Ramayana: The Book of Wilderness

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Автор: Valmiki, Arshia Sattar (Translator)

Название: Valmiki Ramayana: The Book of Wilderness

Издательство: Penguin

Год: 2011

Формат: mobi,PDF

Размер: 1 MB

Язык: Английский

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One of India’s greatest epics, the Ramayana is a story of the triumph of good over evil. It recounts the magical tale of Rama, the wrongfully exiled prince of Ayodhya, and his quest to rescue his beloved Sita from the clutches of the demon Ravana.

A heroic legend played out in a universe populated by celestial beings and terrifying beasts, the Ramayana is also an intensely personal story of family relationships, love and loss, duty and honour. The Book of Wilderness narrates the events that took place during Rama’s exile in the forest, leading to the climactic battle between gods and demons. Arshia Sattar’s brilliant translation bridges time and space to bring us the wisdom, adventure and eroticism of this timeless classic.


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