What's a Picture Worth?: A Guide to Organizing, Fixing, and Sharing All Your Photos on Your Windows PC

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Название:What's a Picture Worth?: A Guide to Organizing, Fixing, and Sharing All Your Photos on Your Windows PC

Автор James A White

Издательство: IROL Press, LLC

Год: 2015


Язык: English

Формат: epub

Размер: 7 Mb

How many digital photos do you have jumbled on your computer?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if you're not managing your photos, they're just wasting space on your computer hard drive. Or worse yet, you risk losing those priceless photos forever.

What's a Picture Worth? is a user-friendly guide to help walk you through how to organize, rename, and tag your photos so you can find any photo in mere seconds. You’ll learn to leverage free software to fix a so-so photo and turn it into one that really pops.

The author will show you the best method to back up your photos and how to share and collaborate on those memories so they're not "gathering dust" in your computer. Plus, you’ll gain useful tips on taking better pictures and scanning old photos.

With over 15 years in the computer industry, Jim White knows the important balance of taking something technical and making it less complicated for the everyday computer user. He loves to learn the intricacies of how things work and then find ways to make them easier for everyone to understand. With thousands of his own photos, Jim has perfected ways to organize, fix, and share his photos and now wants to pass that knowledge onto you!

Table of Contents



1 - Taking Photos

2 - Folder Structure

3 - Scanning Tips

----- The Scanner

----- File Formats

----- Resolution

----- Photo Scanning Service

4 - Fixing Photos

----- Software to Use

----- Deleting Photos

----- Adjusting Photo Colors and More

----- Tagging Photos

----- Photo Captions

----- Adjusting the Photo Date and Time

----- Fixing Photos with Orientation Exif Tags

----- Geotagging Photos

5 - Renaming Photos

----- Setting Up Rename Master

----- Renaming Photos with Rename Master

----- Finish Renaming

6 - Searching Through Your Photos

7 - Sharing and Showing Off Your Photos

----- MMS and Email

----- Sending Services

----- Cloud Storage

----- Social Networks

----- Output to TV

8 - Backups

----- Online Backups

----- Portable Storage Backups

----- Smart Phone Auto-Upload Apps

9 - Collaborative Albums

----- Facebook

----- Google+

----- OneDrive

----- Other Services



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