The Facebook Manual: 2015 Edition

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Автор: Kjell Halvor Landsverk; Jess Bigogno

Название: The Facebook Manual: 2015 Edition

Язык: English

Издательство: L.: PrimeHead Limited

Год: 2015

Формат: pdf

Размер: 13 mb

Страниц: 310

Most businesses recognize the need to have a Facebook presence. However, navigation through the rapidly changing sea of blue can sometimes leave people feeling disorientated and unsure. This book will not only set them on the right course but also ensure that they are guided each step of the way so that they see real results. It has been designed as a clear and easy to use manual for anyone from complete beginners to those who are old hands but who want to make sure that they are up to date and making the most of what can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.



Introduction to Facebook

About Facebook

Why is it Important to Use Facebook?

Facebook Statistics Highlights



Facebook Profiles

Your Facebook Profile

Creating a Facebook Profile

How to create a Profile

Account settings



Privacy settings

Timeline and tagging




Security on Facebook

Is Facebook safe?

Risks of using social media for adolescents

Whv it is important to have the correct date of birth

Follow your child on Facebook

Fraud, spam and publishing

Digital footprint and reputation

Issues with checking in

Leaving Facebook

Deactivating and deleting a Facebook account

Facebook After Death

Facebook Pages


What is a Facebook Page?

Why have a Facebook Page and a website?

Creating a Facebook Page

For Your Business


The difference between a page and a profile

How to create the page

Understanding Your Facebook Page

Functions and descriptions

Administration tabs

Creating a Username (Vanity URL)


How to use a Facebook Page - Posting Content

Posting on your page

Creating engaging posts


Post settings

Boosting a post

Using Facebook as yourself personally or as the page

Getting the most from your page

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

How to work with the Facebook Algorithm - achieving more organic reach

Facebook Global Pages overview

Converting a Profile to a Page

Facebook Page Functionality

Facebook Offers

Creating a Facebook Offer

Facebook Check Ins & Nearby


Facebook Nearby for Your Business

Enabling Check In / Nearby for your business

Claim the check in page and merge it with your own Facebook page

Facebook Groups

Creating a Group

Facebook Events

Creating an Event

Facebook Search for Business

What is Facebook Search?

Search and privacy settings

Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Creating a Facebook Strategy for Your Business

Building Your Page

Generating fans

Marketing Your Products and Services on Facebook


How to sell on Facebook

Generating Leads on Facebook


How to Engage Your Audience

Best Practices for Page Posts

Draw in Fans with a Creative Cover Image

Additional Engagement - FacebookPage Apps and Promotions

Timeline Contests

Page Management Routine and Focus


Introduction to Facebook advertising

Advert objectives and formats

Advert placement Audiences and targeting

Creating engaging ads

Setting up an Ad Campaign using the Ads Create tool

Conversion tracking

A/B testing of ads

Measurement of Facebook advertising

Facebook ad parameters

How to improve your ads

Advertising account settings

Power Editor

Introduction to Facebook Power Editor

How to Use Facebook Power Editor

Facebook for Employers


Corporate PR

Internal Communication - Facebook at Work

Facebook Guidelines and Terms

Profile Rights and Responsibilities

Advertising Guidelines

Page Guidelines

Problem Solving

Technical Issues

Contacting Facebook


Facebook terminology

Image Size Cheat Sheet

Facebook shortcuts Mac OS X

Facebook shortcuts Windows


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