Getting Started with OUYA

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Название: Getting Started with OUYA

Издательство: PACKT

Автор: Ruben Hoyos, Robinson Moncada

Год: 2014

Количество страниц:116



Размер:11 Mb

A practical guide to developing games for the revolutionary OUYA console with this book and ebook


Learn the basic principles of game development for the OUYA console

Get to know the business model, content types, and specifications of the OUYA console

Develop your first project for the OUYA console

In Detail

The OUYA console is a fully customizable open source indie console, which is based on the Android operating system and equipped with the powerful Tegra3 graphics processor. It provides unprecedented levels of performance for an open-source console, and is a new open platform for game developers, offering them the freedom to build and publish games on their own.

This book is a practical guide that will help you learn more about the OUYA console. From setting up a developer account to developing your first game, right up to publishing your game on the OUYA marketplace, this book guides you through the whole process of OUYA game development.

Learn about the entire process of game development on the OUYA platform, from the origins of the project and business model, to the construction of your first game for the console. You will then get an introduction to the technical specifications of the console, as well as how to install the prerequisites needed for game development. You will also learn how to configure the OUYA development environment, including the OUYA Development Kit, with emulators and Unity3D. Finally, the book will walk you through the process of building your first project, adding marketplace functionalities, and publishing the video game.

Getting Started with OUYA provides users with the basics of developing games for the console, and also gives them a glimpse into what the future has in store for the platform.

What you will learn from this book

Get to know about the origins of the OUYA console and its technical specifications

Set up and configure the prerequisites needed to prepare the OUYA development environment

Set up two controllers, data storage, graphical optimization models, and textures

Install the OUYA SDK (ODK) and the entire development environment (including the emulator and Unity3D)

Configure the controls for your OUYA console

Get a glimpse into the future of the console, including new peripherals, new interfaces, and new display devices


This is a hands-on, practical approach to developing games on the OUYA console. It includes step-by-step examples as well as detailed theoretical explanations of industry practices.

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