The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle Service Bus, Second Edition

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Автор: Jeff Davies, David Schorow, Samrat Ray, and David Rieber

Название: The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle Service Bus, Second Edition

Издательство: Apress

Год: 2008

Формат: PDF в RAR+5%

Размер: 11.3 МБ

ISBN: 978-1-4302-1058-0

Язык: Английский

Качество: отличное

This book is for software professionals who are working in an SOA environment, or want

to work in an SOA environment. It contains real-world information on SOA best practices,

working code samples, and more than 10 years of combined experience from the authors

solving real SOA problems.

In this book, the authors introduce you to ESBs in general and Oracle Service Bus in

particular, with many examples and clear and understandable explanations of the product

and its implementation in a number of ESB use cases. This book takes the very practical

and useful approach of picking one of the leading products in the ESB category and does

a show-and-tell, instead of dwelling on a lot of philosophical discussions and arguments

of various contrasting architectures or definitions of an ESB. It is a very readable and instructive

book. As one of the architects of the first release of the product, I feel this book is a fine

introduction to Oracle Service Bus.


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