Measurement, Judgment, and Decision Making

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Название: Measurement, Judgment, and Decision Making

Издательство: Academic Press

Год: 1998


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Язык: English

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The problem of perception and cognition is in understanding how the organism transforms, organizes, stores, and uses information arising from the world in sense data or memory. With this definition of perception and cognition in mind, this handbook is designed to bring together the essential aspects of this very large, diverse, and scattered literature and to give a prdcis of the state of knowledge in every area of perception and cognition.

The work is aimed at the psychologist and the cognitive scientist in particular,

and at the natural scientist in general. Topics are covered in comprehensive

surveys in which fundamental facts and concepts are presented, and important leads to .journals and monographs of the specialized literature are provided. Perception and cognition are considered in the widest sense.

Therefore, the work will treat a wide range of experimental and theoretical


The Handbook of Perception and Cognition should serve as a basic source and reference work for those in the arts or sciences, indeed for all who are interested in human perception, action, and cognition


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