Teaching Speaking and Listening. A Toolkit for Practitioners

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Автор: Cole Debbie, Ellis Christine

Название: Teaching Speaking and Listening. A Toolkit for Practitioners

Издательство: Crown

Год: 2007

Формат: pdf

Размер: 2 mb

Язык: английский

Speaking and listening is a major component of key skills and literacy qualifications. It is also one of the three elements of the new standards for functional English. However, there is a significant lack of material available to help teachers, trainers and tutors to develop their learners' skills in this important area and this is the principal reason for producing the toolkit.

The toolkit contains a wealth of resources to make teaching speaking and listening explicit, relevant and engaging for learners. It goes beyond commonly taught aspects such as talks, presentations and formal discussion to help improve all aspects of everyday communication - at work and in daily life.



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