Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture (Popular Woodworking)

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Автор: Kerry Pierce

Название: Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture (Popular Woodworking)

Издательство: Popular Woodworking Books

Год: 2007

Формат: PDF

Размер: 43.6 Mb

Язык: Английский

Ann Lee, founder of the Shaker movement, offered this guidance to her followers, "Hands to work and hearts to God". The furniture of the Pleasant Hill community shows her philosophy brought to life in every piece.

With its beauty and simplicity, Shaker furniture has inspired generations of furniture makers like no other style in the world. This book details the construction and design of some rare and never before seen Shaker furniture created in the village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Painstakingly illustrated with drawings and photos of the furniture, this book reveals the joinery and design secrets that make Shaker furniture timeless. You'll find full-scale details of the joinery and special details about the furniture as well as a charming history of the village of Pleasant Hill.


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