Encyclopedia of Aviation

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Автор: Collective

Название: Encyclopedia of Aviation

Издательство: Charles Scribner's Sons

Год: 1977

Формат: PDF

Страниц: 232

Язык: English

Размер: 240.6 MB

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This book contains over 700 concise, factual entries written by leading aviation writers and is liberally illustrated with more than 250 photographs and drawings. It brings together every important aspect of the subject: airplane types , manufacturers, instruments, navigation, aeronautical design, civil aviation, airlines,military aviation, combat aces, pioneer pilots, famous designers , technical concepts and terms, and significant events in the development of aviation. The Encyclopedia of aviation has all the details about performance, models, and design features that the aviation amateur and the specialist will want to know. The weapon systems and air battles of military flying are here, along with aviation records, racing pilots, epoch-making flights, and famous individual aircraft. In major articles on fundamental subjects such as aerodynamics, jet engines, navigation, radar,radio, sailplanes,supersonic flight , and wings the encyclopedia also provides the necessary background for any nonspecialist who wants to know what the technical side of aviation is all about. The material is arranged alphabetically with extensive crossreferences, and there is a comprehensive index. The short but remarkable history of aviation has generated scores of books about specific aspects of aviation, and the popularity of these books testifies not only to the sustained interest in the field , but equally well to the need for a true En cyclopedia of aviation.



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