Round Engine Racers - Bearcats Corsairs [Raceplane Tech 02]

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Название: Round Engine Racers - Bearcats Corsairs


Серия: Raceplane Tech 02

Год издания: 2002

Издательство: Specialty Press Publishers

ISBN: 1-58007-035-3

Страниц: 104

Формат: PDF в rar

Язык: английский

Размер: 71.79 Мб

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After the Second World War there were lots of surplus military aircraft out there, and those with some extra spending money found many potential raceplanes for the air races that were going on in Cleveland. While Mustangs proved to be quite popular, some enthusiasts opted for radial-engined aircraft, with the Sea Fury, Bearcat and Corsair being the most popular choices. This book covers the Bearcats & Corsairs from their immediate post-war flying at Cleveland on to their current-day operations at Reno and other modern-day air races.


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