Uniforms of the American Civil War, 1861-65 (Blandford Colour Series)

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Автор: Philip Haythornthwaite

Название: Uniforms of the American Civil War, 1861-65 (Blandford Colour Series)

Издательство: Blandford Press Ltd.

Год: 1985

Формат: PDF

Страниц: 194

Язык: English

Размер: 19.4 MB

It is a popular misconception that the American Civil War was fought between Union and Confederate armies uniformed in dull blue and drab grey respectively. In fact, both armies included exotically-named corps dressed in a variety of European styles whose gorgeous uniforms compared more than favorably with the most ornate of Napoleonic France - Zouaves and Chasseurs, Hussars and Highlanders, Lancers, Bersaglieri and Riflemen. This book illustrates both the regulation full dress and service dress and the modified versions of every branch of both armies, and those of a large number of early volunteer and militia regiments. Over 150 uniforms are illustrated, and more than 60 others are described in the text. There are separate sections on rank marking, badges, beltplates and buttons. This book also includes an historical introduction on the vents of the Civil War, a comparision of the capabilities of the various artillery and small-arms of both armies, and 'Order of Battle' of the opposing forces at Gettysburg making it invaluable to historian, uniform enthusiast, modeller and wargamer alike.



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