Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft in Profile

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Название: Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft in Profile


Издательство: Schiffer Publishing

ISBN: 0972452710

Год: 1997

Страниц: 125

Формат: PDF в RAR

Размер: 148.38МБ

Язык: английский

A superb study for both the historian and modeler, this book contains 124 color profiles showing Luftwaffe single-engine fighter aircraft - Bf 109, Fw 190, Ta 152, Me 262, Me 163, and He 162 - once piloted by some of the most famous German aces of World War II. Also shown are war-era photographs of select aircraft and pilots.

Missing: pages 1-9 - summary of Luftwaffe fighter camouflage and color schemes on the various war fronts, unit markings, tactical codes, personal markings and other markings.


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