B-26 Invader Units over Korea

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Название: B-26 Invader Units over Korea

Издательство: Osprey Publishing Ltd

Серия: Frontline Colour 04

Год: 2000

Язык: английский

ISBN: 1841760803

Страниц: 128

Формат: PDF

Размер: 42.27 Мб

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Although a hangover from World War 2, the seemingly antiquated Douglas B-26 Invader 'bombing twin' proved to be one of the hardest-worked assets employed by United Nations' forces in Korea for the duration of the conflict. Capable of dropping bombs and napalm, firing off unguided rockets or simply strafing targets with its battery of up to 14 nose-mounted 0.5-in Browning M-3 machine guns, the B-26 was equally as effective either during the day or at night.



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