Cyber Security

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Название: Cyber Security

Автор: Jeremy Swinfen Green

Издательство: Gower Publishing Company

Год: 2015

Страниц: 153

Язык: English

Формат: pdf

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Cyber security involves protecting organisations from cyber risks, the threats to organisations caused by digital technology. These risks can cause direct damage to revenues and profits as well as indirect damage through reduced efficiency, lower employee morale, and reputational damage.

Cyber security is often thought to be the domain of specialist IT professionals however, cyber risks are found across and within organisations. Unfortunately, many managers outside IT feel they are ill equipped to deal with cyber risks and the use of jargon makes the subject especially hard to understand. For this reason cyber threats are worse than they really need to be.

The reality is that the threat from cyber risks is constantly growing, thus non-technical managers need to understand and manage it. As well as offering practical advice, the author guides readers through the processes that will enable them to manage and mitigate such threats and protect their organisations.

Contents: Introduction. Part I Introducing Cyber Security: Cyber security and cyber risk; A holistic approach to cyber security; The scope of cyber security. Part II The Main Threats to Cyber Security: Systems risks; People and networks; Cloud computing; Bring your own device; Protecting people; Keeping data secure outside the office; Social media risk; Who is stealing your organisation’s identity?; Disposing of data safely; The internet of things. Part III Managing Cyber Risk: Developing a cyber security strategy; Picking the right team; Getting prepared; Developing a risk register; Managing the impact of cyber incidents; Responding to incidents; Digital governance. Afterword: looking from the past to the future; Index.

About the Author: Jeremy Swinfen Green is Director of Business Insight at digital agency Smart Cookie and founder of the digital governance consultancy Mosoco.

He has over 20 years' experience of digital business. He was early into the digital media space, founding digital media agency Multimedia Dimensions in 1993, advising Omnicom on one of their first digital ventures BMP interAction in 1994 and joining Aegis as digital media director in 1995. He has advised a wide variety of public and private sector organisations on their digital business strategies. In addition as leader of several digital businesses, he has had hands-on experience of the issues surrounding cyber security, data compliance and business continuity as experienced by SMEs.

He is a member of the Performance and Finance Board of TechUK (the UK’s trade organisation for the Technology Industry) and a member of the Institute of Risk Management’s cyber security SIG.

Reviews: ‘This publication provides a detailed analysis of some of the key cyber security risks facing business today, and provides useful guidance on how to develop an effective strategy to address them.’

Andy Williams, Cyber Connect UK

‘Advances in technology bring enormous benefits but also pose significant risks. Managing these risks will challenge all organisations, whatever their sector or size. This book is a welcome addition to the guidance available and, importantly, emphasises the role of behavioural issues as well as technical solutions to achieve effective cyber security.’

Carolyn Williams, The Institute of Risk Management

‘Jeremy Swinfen Green has succeeded in creating a cybersecurity book that is both well written and uses the language of business management. This is just the right reference for managers who need to understand key cybersecurity concepts and threats and how they can manage the risks.’

Paul Dorey, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK; former CISO, BP PLC




1 Cyber Security and Cyber Risk

2 A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

3 The Scope of Cyber Security


4 Systems Risks

5 People and Networks

6 Cloud Computing

7 Bring Your Own Device

8 Protecting People

9 Keeping Data Secure outside the Office

10 Social Media Risk

11 Who is Stealing your Organisation’s Identity?

12 Disposing of Data Safely

13 The Internet of Things


14 Developing a Cyber Security Strategy

15 Picking the Right Team

16 Getting Prepared

17 Developing a Risk Register

18 Managing the Impact of Cyber Incidents

19 Responding to Incidents

20 Digital Governance

Afterword: Looking from the Past to the Future




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