Space and Astronomy. Decade by Decade

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Авторы: Marianne J. Dyson

Издательство: Publisher: Fact on File

Год: 2004

Кол-во страниц: 376

Формат: cbr

Размер: 9 Мб

Язык: englich

The 20th century has witnessed an explosive growth in science and technology— more scientists are alive today than have lived during the entire course of earlier human history. New inventions including spaceships, computer chips, lasers, and recombinant DNA have opened pathways to new fields such as space science, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Modern seismographs and submarines have given earth and ocean scientists insights into the planet’s deepest and darkest secrets. Decades of weather science, aided by satellite observations and computer modeling, now produce long-term, global forecasts with high probabilities (not certainties) of being correct.


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