World Atlas of Ufo's

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Название: World Atlas of Ufo's


Издательство: Smithmark Publishers

ISBN: 0831794984

Год: 1992

Страниц: 194

Формат: PDF

Размер: 14.6МБ

Язык: английский

The WORLD ATLAS OF UFO'S is unique in its approach and fascinating in its discoveries. Tackling the bizarre, the frightening, the mysterious and the absurd, it provides a compelling round-up of unidentified phenomena from all over the world. Authoritative at all times, John Spencer ridicules the nonsensical and probes into the truly inexplicable. Organized continent by continent, the unique and comprehensive database allows the vast panorama of ufological phenomena to unfold chronologically from the Foo Fighters of the World War II battle arena to the present-day North American abduction cases. High- lighting the important details of each case, the database sets the scene, documents the witnesses' reports, and captures the unfathomable mystery of each event.

Contributions from highly respected UFO researchers highlight national characteristics and show how legend, folklore, national temperament, and cultural environment all influence the type of sighting. North America, for example, reflects its technological culture by embracing the extra-terrestrial theory, while the Soviet Union, recalling its folklore, often reports sightings of giantlike creatures. Special effects model-makers and illustrators bring the sightings unnervingly to life with high-quality depictions of the scenes, while remarkable pho- tographs taken by witnesses add to the bank of disturbingly accurate and weighty evidence. For enthusiasts and sceptics alike, the WORLD ATLAS OF UFO's defies disbelief and gives the final word on this fascinating subject.



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